Loch Ness Wildlife

Loch Ness wildlife



There is so much to discover when visiting Loch Ness and not just the mysterious Loch Ness Monster! If Nessie is top of your list of things to discover then look no further than Loch Ness by Jacobite for your Nessie experience! You can discover their cruise and tour options at www.jacobite.co.uk . Loch Ness by Jacobite offer 5 star cruises and experiences – and what makes this even better? They are on your doorstep when staying with the Loch Ness Cottage Collection!


There is a huge variety of wildlife around Loch Ness and the surrounding areas such as majestic Red deer, Pine Martins, Red Squirrels, Golden Eagles, Otters and many more! All of these can be discovered in close proximity to the Loch Ness Cottage Collection.



You can visit the beautiful Cairngorm Reindeer Herd at the Cairngorm Reindeer herd centre in Aviemore. This is approximately 40 miles from Dochgarroch locks – around a one hour drive down the A9.

This is Britain’s only free-ranging Reindeer herd and they can be found in the Cairngorm Mountains. You can either do a hill walk and get up close to these majestic beasts, or you can do the paddocks and exhibitions.


Highland Cows:

Known as the gentle giants of Scotland, with their long horns and flowing locks these iconic cows are easily recognised and sit high on the bucket list for locals and tourists alike! These beautiful animals can be seen within a moments’ walk of the Loch Ness Cottage Collection as we have our very own cows here at Dochgarroch Locks between March and October.  Highland Cows have a wonderful temperament not a “moo”-dy cow in sight! They enjoy the company of humans and will often gather by the fence to say hello! However, please always approach with caution and do not attempt to go into their field. Like any animals, they have protective instincts.


Red Squirrels:

Cameras at the ready! These beautiful squirrels can be spotted on the banks of the Caledonian Canal, in Abriachan forest and most surrounding woodland areas. You’ll spot them enjoying pine cones and hazelnuts. They use their long bushy tails for balance – so be sure to look up when searching for these gorgeous little creatures. Red Squirrels have their young during spring, and if the conditions allow, summer too. So perhaps during your stay you’ll be fortunate enough to witness a mam carrying her young in her mouth whilst foraging for seeds.

Pine Martins:

Distinct in their markings and color – chocolate brown fur with an apricot cream chest, Pine Martins can be seen, usually at nighttime, searching the gardens for something to eat. They eat berries, small mammals and are partial to a peanut every now and then (not flavoured!) Pine Martins are the size of a small cat and are easy to spot. They are very agile and are one of the few animals that can successfully hunt Red Squirrels as they are able to soar through the trees.



Woodpeckers, Long Tailed Tits, Pheasants, Cormorants, Tawny Owl, Saskin, Golden Eagles, Ospreys and many more can all be spotted in the Highlands and all from the comfort of your garden with the Loch Ness Cottage Collection (if you are lucky!) Our surrounding areas are rich in wildlife; however, we cannot always guarantee you will be fortunate enough to spot one or all of these beautiful animals.