Embracing equity this International Women’s Day

Embracing Equity this International Women's Day

This year, International Women’s Day has the theme of ‘Embrace Equity’. So, what does this mean? The meaning of equity is different from equality in that each person has different circumstances and needs and will, therefore, each need different resources and opportunities to reach the same outcome. ‘Equity of treatment’ can be described as giving everyone what they need to be successful.

This year, we want to showcase the women – and men – who are given equity of treatment to enable them to reach their potential. We have female employees who are strong, independent and successful, and we also have caring, intellectual and ambitious men who are as equal an asset to the success of Loch Ness by Jacobite, An Talla by Loch Ness and The Loch Ness Cottage Collection!

This company is built from hard work, led by women and steered by men – each and every employee is offered the opportunities they need to enable them to succeed. If you want to work hard, you will go far.

Our working mothers are of equal importance to our working fathers. Our female skippers receive the same training, pay and uniform as our male skippers. Our crew members are called just that, their gender does not decide their capabilities.

Our kitchen team cook up a storm. With college courses available for those who want to pursue a career in cookery. Our waiting team is made up of men and women and each offer that much-loved Highland hospitality. Our office team all wear the same uniform and each are offered the same opportunities – many of whom began their journey as crew and have worked their way up the ranks.

We believe that every company should have equity of treatment throughout its workforce, because behind every great leader, is a team of people pushing them forward.

This is ‘equity of treatment’ and this is who we are.

If you’d like to join a team that embraces equity, we are currently recruiting crew members, shore assistants and guides. Check out the full details and how to apply here.


Kelly Bruce.